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Do you provide publishing services?

At Lofty Steps Publishing, we provide affordable publishing for new, emerging, and established writers. To access publishing services, submit your manuscript, or get more information about publishing with Lofty Steps Publishing,

What if I have a book idea but need more help?

It’s okay to not have it all figured out at first. Writing can be intensive and solitary and it is okay to need some more help. Whatever stage you are in your writing, I would be glad to provide advice or recommendations. 

Do you print books?

No, I do not offer printing services; Lofty Steps Publishing does. You are entirely in charge of your publishing process, and they will help you bring out your manuscript through quality printing. 


Do you write ads copy too?

Yes, I help businesses grow through compelling ads copy, content that help them tell their stories the right way. I can help you convert people to sales through quality writing.