Kehinde Badiru was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Lagos and a Bachelor’s Degree in English and International Studies. 

His debut poetry collection, I Know Why Your Mother Cries, was published in 2020. Kehinde’s work has recently appeared in Oyez Review, Visual Verse, with poems and short stories forthcoming elsewhere. He is the Founding Editor of Write Now Lit — a contemporary online literary journal that is home to vivid writing and Nigeria’s foremost Creative Writing nonprofit. 

Kehinde is the Editor-at-large at Lofty Steps Consults, a literary press, and publisher of Literary and non-literary books, providing publishing services to new, emerging, and independent authors and writers.

Kehinde’s recent book, An Assortment of Poetry Genres, published by Infinity Books, Europe (2021) was co-edited with British writer, Angie Andrews, who is his friend and longtime collaborator. The work is a product of over 10 months of research, writing, and personal communication between both poets. Angie and Kenny explore how we can shape our own destinies and create a whole new world through poetry.

Kehinde Badiru is considered one of the forerunners of digital poetry in Nigeria. He mediates poetry with digital illustration which he admits makes poetry even more beautiful to the eyes as it is to the heart. 

Kehinde is noted for his great love of urban radio, and smooth jazz. Currently, he is completing a collection of short stories.